Ch. Galenabay’s Evening Star, Sunny

Ch. Galenabay’s Evening Star, Sunny
Ch. CoveWinds Hot Pursuit x Ch. Westpointe’s Charisma

Sunny pictured at 4 yrs.
Is a wonderful mild tempered boy.
He is 15 3/4 and white factored.

Sunny left us in 2015 at 14 1/2 years and will always be in our hearts.
O.F.A. good
Eyes clear
Thyroid normal

Ch. Cove Winds Hot Pursuit Am.Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM Am.Ch. Glademist Duelling Banjos Am.Ch. Catomoco’s Steela Holiday
Lanbur Breeze On By
Jade Mist Social Climber Am.Ch. Jade Mist A Case In Point
AM. Ch. Jade Mist Windspell
Cove Winds Superstition Am.Can. Ch. Cub Hill Steel Wheels Am.Can. Ch. Alfenloch WhirlwindROM/ROMC
Am.Ch.Cub Hill Early Morning Rain
Glen Corry Keepsake O’Lanbur Am.Can. Ch. Alfenloch WhirlwindROM/ROMC
Mau-Land Lady In Waiting


Ch. Westpointe’s Charisma Am.Ch.Cub Hill Steel Wheels Am.Can.Ch. Alfenloch WirlwindROM/ROMC Am. Can.Ch. Alfenloch Ryan O’Neill ROM/ROMC
Am.Can.Ch Alfenloch Tatum O’Neill
Am. Ch. Cub Hill Early Morning Rain Am.Ch. Cub Hill Bankers Hours
Cub Hill Monday Mornin’ Blues
Ch.Fairfax Westpointe’s Solitaire Am.Can.Ch.Laureate Laredo, ROMC Am.Ch. Midas Citation of Sundial, ROMC
Ch. Cahaba-Krystalyn Dreamwest
Ch.Fairfax Bad News Bear Am.Can. Ch. Canterbury Black Bear
Ch.Whitegates Sheer Pandemonium, CD